Wednesday, April 13, 2011


-The last 19 hours have been ridiculous.
-I JUST got home.
-I'm ready for today to be yesterday, and tomorrow to be today.
-If things don't improve today, I suspect I will implode, black-hole style, and accordion envelop all mass within me...

(-I remind myself that aspects on earth are as close as I will have to get to Hell.)

Monday, April 11, 2011


It's another day of being awake before 4 am. To be fair, i DID sleep over 12 hours (5+ hours after church, awake for about an hour, then 8+ hours to now). I was so tired yesterday that I didn't even really eat, even after purchasing food and bringing it home. Now I'm interested in food, but while I know I have a salad in the fridge, I just saw a picture of a friend's Chinese food on Facebook, and I'd much rather have that. I seem to be in a Chinese food kick, where I have an overwhelming desire to eat Chinese food often, after going almost a year of rarely eating it.

One thing I don't like about the weekend I work is that it's also the weekend that a good friend's kids are around.  I enjoy them very much, when we do get the opportunity to spend time together. They are, in general, an incredibly busy family, but there is always an eating of a meal together after church. On the Sundays after I work the night before, however, I attend church, but usually get incredibly sleepy by the end of the service, and cannot attend the lunch, so I often do not get to see them. Today an idea came into my head that the parents should switch weekends, so that they'd be at the other parent's on the weekend when I work, and I wouldn't have to miss getting to spend time with them...

(ah, the thoughts a tired brain thinks!) :)