Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Today I cleaned, which was much needed. I took 2 trash bags to Goodwill, and recycled 2 plastic tubs of paper. I decided to see a movie, and 'Crazy-Stupid-Love' won out over 'Capt. America'.

(In some instances, I am very much a general girl, and love will usually win out)

As I was waiting for the movie to begin, I spilled pop all down my (rarely-worn) white t-shirt, and while sopping up the mess with my hoodie, I had the thought that if I do get married,(and do have the whole ceremony and white dress) that on that day, I'll either only drink water/champagne (light-colored things) that day and forgo food, or just have to make myself a huge bib from a plastic tablecloth (and it's classy thoughts like that which remind me why I'm NOT married :) ...)

I also got to talk a friend out of letting me give a haircut--it just wouldn't be the best idea for the situation, especially because it would require a LOT of cutting, and I've only ever cut on my own hair.

A storm is rolling through, so I'm going to tuck in and watch some 'House'. Have a great evening!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Zoom out

Sometimes it feels like the focus is too tight
cramped in the lense, and I am stuck
Only me; only THIS thing; THIS moment;NOW
no room to even wrestle with it properly
Zoom Out
Room to breathe; to see surroundings - that it's not just me in the frame
and I'm not even the subject of the picture
We should all be glad I'm not the one in charge of the camera;
Thank You for knowing the best way to compose a photo.