Saturday, November 21, 2009

Good day

Yesterday was a good day, even as the day got crazy at points. I had a little lady who was 92 and hard of hearing - to talk to her, I'd end up putting my forehead to hers, and yell into her "good ear". At shift change, I went in to say goodbye. She gripped my hand - "is it time for you to go home?"--I told her it was; "will you be back in the morning?"--I told her that no, I wouldn't be; that she'd have to train a new nurse; "I LOVED having you today. You were SO good to me"

Apparently, it was my orientee's last day on orientation, so she decided to take me out as a 'thank-you' for being her preceptor. We went for food, where we both got drinks, and I tasted my 1st-ever 'fru-fru' drink, and the waiter was ....smarmy. We talked quite a bit, and had planned on seeing a late movie, but didn't buy tickets beforehand, and it was sold out by the time we got there. We decided to rain-check the movie, and I came home.

I came up the stairs to the main floor and got my mail out of the box---I received a thank you from my brother and newest SIL--only 4 months since their wedding! I laughed and went up the stairs to my apartment, and an envelope was laying against my door.

More mail!


It was a good day.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

God provides.

At church, a lady asked if I was moving. I haven't told anyone apart from the usual suspects about Indiana, so I thought she was meaning to KC and as I stammered along, she says,"Indiana?" and I'm stopped-

because she's in the folk's Sunday School class, which means it's been brought up.

and how do I explain-that I'm currently treading water/waiting/wanting?

"Not yet"

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Today has been a lonely day. My heart aches more today and I've been more apt to cry. God sits with me as my unspoken longings pour out - things beyond the best and worst words; the things I want and need; the things that He has put there, and also what I've tried to turn them into.

Friday, November 6, 2009


I had a pretty good day at work, overall. No discharges or admits, so the paperwork was at a minimum. I DID have one patient that would....expose...(ahem!) himself... while in the presence of certain staff members. I had to accompany others into the room because he wouldn't do it if I was there.

(and then he DID, later in the day, but he apologized to me for it).

And then I had a cute little, slightly confused lady. It was towards the end of my day, and she said she was "lonesome", so I talked with her and held her hand. She told me that she had a son that was her world, and he died. And thus began the following conversation:

Her: Do you have any kids?
Me: no
Her: WHY NOT?!
Me: well, I'm not married
Her: oh, well, that makes sense...
Her: have you EVER been married?
Me: no
Her: WHY NOT?!
Me: (trying not to laugh) um, I guess I haven't met the right person yet...
Her: Why, you're a good-lookin' woman!
Me: ummm, thanks
(and then I change the subject, and leave the room, but come back and make sure she can get to her water)
Her: well, if I couldn't reach it, I'd just call you---What's your name?
Me: (tell her my first name)
Her: OH! that's pretty! I like that!
Me: thank you
Her: What's your last name?
Me: (and then I tell her that)
(pause as she says it under her breath, and says both names together)
Her: Well, THAT'S a HELLUVA name!
Me: yes, it IS a helluva name.
(pause as I walk around the bed to chart at the computer)
Her: Are you EVER gonna have kids?
Me: uh, I don't know
Her: Well, I'm gonna find you a man
Me: alright, you go ahead and do that....

(and, SCENE)

Monday, November 2, 2009


Last night was dinner out and visiting for plan-making. Today centered around the entertaining of 2 young ladies and not falling asleep. I'm not sure why I've been so sleepy, since I'm sleeping like a ROCK in an actual bed, and the "time zone change/time change" put me back into my normal Central Standard Time.

Tonight was a "3-legged date" and I felt like the phantom limb.

(that could use more explanation, but that's just a great sentence, so I'm gonna leave it alone for now).

Tomorrow is looming, and while I'm somewhat nervous, it's not too bad yet.

God, put me where I need to be for Your work. You know what will happen, so help me to trust in that. No matter what happens, good will out.

and now, to attempt sleep...

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I made the drive yesterday, and there were a few times I thought perhaps I'd woken up too early, and I considered pulling over for a nap, but then the sun came up and I did not die (thanks to God and caffeine). I arrived in the afternoon and then spent the rest of the Halloween day with friends, talking about all manners of bodily functions and embarrassing things (as such you can do with good friends). 4 friends went to 3 bookstores, had 2 meals (a "lunch"/pre-dinner dinner, and dinner), and watched 1 amazingly tragic/hysterical movie.

Today after church a group of us had Chinese (a traditional meal we each each visit), where I spilled onto the floor (also a tradition). The afternoon held a nap and watching Daniel go on a business trip.

(more later)