Tuesday, December 1, 2009


If you smoke, stop - It's better for you, and makes less work for me.

I had a patient yesterday, has smoked for 60 years. Came into the hospital because she couldn't breathe. She kept trying to get outta bed by herself. Her blood count was low, so she needed blood, and it took MUCH convincing to get her to agree to it. Her breathing was so bad, we had to put her on a machine that forced air into her lungs and gave her anxiety medicine so she could tolerate it.

The lung doc asked-do you smoke?
Gonna quit?

THEN, the patient states - I don't know WHY I'm here
Lung doc says - well, you have pneumonia on top of your lung disease, and you have lung disease because of your smoking
pt- well, I'm not gonna quit smoking

I had to send her to the ICU at shift change last night....

I found out yesterday that this person was intubated that night, and died the next day.

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