Friday, June 25, 2010

Musings on Joy

Because of a prior conversation, this week I've been thinking about joy, and the question of how one shares joy. Here are my thoughts on the subject...

Joy is an aspect of the fruit of the Spirit (listed at #2 of 9, seconded to love). It seems to be independent of situation; it's an underlying current within this life as waves of emotion dance on the surface, however it can interact with those emotions if remembered.

And that was the word that kept re-occurring this week: remember.

It can be very easy to 'go with the flow' of life and react to whatever happens - that is the way of the world. But as I go along, I need to remember - remember who I am (a daughter of the King), and of what Jesus has done for me. I need to remember that as I travel though this life, I am an ambassador and possess the joy of relationship with Christ and the gift of eternal life. I am to remember and to carry this with me so that as I interact with others, the joy of the Lord is able to be seen, no matter the situation.

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