Sunday, November 21, 2010


I generally seem to fluctuate between being Type A, and laid-back/easygoing. This week I seemed to experience a "now what?/WHY?" meltdown, just feeling many emotions from stressors that had slowly accumulated until there was an implosion.

I hate waiting, and I hate not knowing what other people are thinking/feeling/going to do.

God, help sustain me. Please help me to "keep my eyes on my own test", because it's SO easy to want to compare things to others, when I'm supposed to be ME in all this, as this is how I'm made. Help me to be content, and for others to appreciate me as well. You know my deepest struggles and desires, and You love me anyway. May I ever cling to You. God, help me with my interactions with those around me, and let it all be good.

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