Saturday, December 4, 2010

HiberNation, Day #2

So it's the 1st proper snow since I've been in Indiana, and I'm spending it under my mass of blankets, clutching the half-consumed bottle of orange juice. The sickness has moved around; not so much in my sinuses and throat but trying to congest up my head and chest.

(Amazingly, through all this, I feel half-way decent, and look unrealistically cute).

Other highlights for this week include being mistakenly thought of as looking younger (in a good sense) by a co-worker; Thursday night; and running into a new friend while shopping @ walmart.

I'm feeling like a bum, just laying around, but am hoping that it will be worth it if I can feel better soon. It's already December 4th?!? I need to get on buying presents...

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