Thursday, December 9, 2010


I was SOO excited about the prospect of a stretch of days off, and was REALLY feeling compelled to make an effort to spend time with people and hang out during this time. I invited a string of people to go with me for Christmas shopping tomorrow, and EVERY ONE SAID NO.

(that sucks the spirit right out of you)

Small group was great tonight ---good conversation and togetherness. I'm very sad I won't get to attend the Christmas get-together. Just another way for work to jack up my attempts at a life here. I should've remembered---ANY TIME I'm free and want to hang out, everyone's busy, but the MOMENT I have plans, THATS when people ask and try to include me...

I had a great talk with a good man. I ended up telling him that from what I know of his actions in his current difficult situation, that he gives me hope for the kind of man I want in marriage, that they DO exist. What an excellent example and reminder, and a generally nice guy. There was an ease to the conversation, and it flowed amazingly smooth across topics---just a pleasure!

And then I felt the love as our whole dinner seating arrangement got upset because
"but I WANTED to sit by REGAN!", and I got to be silly and have fun conversation on my end of the booth, as I sat way too close to people and our lower extremities were all touching. (And I might have a carful the next time I go visit the Cross family?)

So thanks for the love, even if none of you will spend tomorrow day with me...

( jerks -----:) )

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