Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I fell asleep, and when I woke up it was...12:45.


I tried to focus and go back to sleep, then gave it up.

Little did I know, better things were ahead.

I checked the online weather, then went to the front door.

Looking out, I saw a fresh,new blanket of whiteness in the translucent light that accompanies snowfall.

I made the turn to come back to my nice, warm bed...

then kept turning

and put on my shoes

and grabbed my scarf and coat

and went outside.

Life was hushed

as I stood ankle-deep and still.

Steady flecks of snow came,

the world so silent I could hear it fall though the tree's bare branches.

An other-worldly light, all around, as my eyes couldn't see enough

And there was a moment...

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