Friday, February 18, 2011


So, granted, I DID stay up later than expected last night and watched some episodes of 'Bones', but I slept IN, and then woke up enough to decide to go straight into a nap. I still am feeling yucky, but I guess I at least needed all that sleep to counteract my days of 4 hours this week. I am also fighting my over-developed sense of guilt, which is screaming at me that I need to get up and clean, so that my house will be 'presentable' when my mom comes for a visit, or to work on the many paperwork things needing done on my list. Stupid thing - sometimes 'no' is the right answer, and it's okay. If anyone would ever visit my house, then it would be someone who loves me enough to visit, and they'd deal with my 'mess'.

ANYWAY, so I had this dream. I was in the middle of nowhere, and the road turned into a driveway, so I'd pulled my car off to the side and gotten out. There was a huge estate house, with a large stone covered walkway that led from the road up to the house. I start making my way up the walkway, and notice that it's all covered in a very thin layer of insulation, or something of that nature (cotton candy?) - something made of pink, whispy strands. I become more deliberate about where I place my feet, as insulation can be scratchy and cotton candy can be sticky. About halfway up the walkway, I hear a noise, and look back at the road. A combine is coming up the road, and turns into the dirt driveway. I duck down behind a pillar, as I am trespassing and would rather NOT be seen, but then realize that whomever was in the combine probably saw my  empty car on the road.

I look up, and there's a small building infront of me, and I go in. It's a mudroom of sorts, with a set of laundry machines and a large broken aquarium along the far wall. As I am taking in the view, a person walks in - honestly, I couldn't tell you of what gender, but as this person is talking, 5 or 6 others slowly trickle into the small room. No one is angry or upset that I am there. The first person is telling me about the house and the lands, and then starts telling me about how the aquarium got broken, and how the many, many eels that lived in there occasionally come out into the room. I look around, and I see the dead eyes of 2 eels as they are somehow able to cruise through the air as they do in water, getting close to my sandalled feet. I try not to react as they skim over my body, finally attaching to my right hand - one to the outside, and one to the wrist. All the people in the room are giving me advice on how to detach the eels. I am able to remove the one from the outside of my hand - PAINFULLY, as these eels have pointy, razor sharp teeth. I finally get the other eel from my wrist, and it hit an artery. I try to hold pressure with my left hand, but can't get it well enough. I yell at one of the guys to come over and hold pressure. 'I want you to make my fingers go white' I tell him. He does worse than I did, so I wave him away, and  attempt to hold pressure again, but this time am successful to at least slow the bleeding...

And then I wake up.

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