Thursday, February 24, 2011


Apart from wearing new shoes and having INCREDIBLY sore feet last night, it turned out to be a good end to the work week. I received my 1st fresh surgical transplant patient (double lung), and he was incredibly stable (as fresh post-op patients go). This morning I spent about 90 minutes talking with a friend from work, starting from the hwy infront of the hospital, to 30 minutes sitting in the Burger King parking lot, waiting to be done so I could get food. She is a new nurse, and was feeling stress and concern over things that had happened that night, and she called me to 'talk her down' and to provide some perspective. I was honored that she felt comfortable enough with me to come to me, and that she saw me as a resource that way.

I need to go run an errand, but am seriously considering going back to sleep.

Mom's going to be arriving for a visit on Saturday. I need to do some cleaning between now and then. We will see how it all goes...

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