Friday, June 10, 2011

Date With Dietrich Bonhoeffer...

...because I couldn't decide to go with a Christopher Guest or Wes Anderson movie marathon.

I also think I've got an idea for the next door decoration for the church's library door, provided I don't - A) forget, or
B) change my mind between now and then.

I did a '5 of 6' day stretch, and in wasn't too bad---I had the same patient all 5 days. The last night, I thought about how if someone asked me what I'd done all those nights at work, what I might say:

aside from 'the usual',
-I sweated in 'the tropics' of the 80-degree room (the heat cranked to keep the pt's temp up)
-The last 2 nights I occasionally danced around in the room and sang to the 80s music station the day nurse had put on the tv in the room
-I carried numerous heavy bags of fluid
-I hugged bags of urine while silently praying that they wouldn't rip as I drained them

I was a sore girl yesterday, and instead of taking a nap and 'flipping', I slept off and on until 1 AM, not getting out of bed from 8:30 am, and not eating since 1 AM the previous morning. Soo, I've actually been awake today since 1 am, when 'hungry' finally beat out 'tired'. I've been crazy-productive since then (thanks to coffee), filing papers, shredding papers, doing laundry, vaccuming all the spiders/webs in my general vacinity, etc. My oldest brother and his wife will be coming to visit in a few weeks (like they'd originally planned), so I figure if I start cleaning now, it should be good by then, right?

(okay, going to go---I've let my date alone long enough!)   :)

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