Saturday, January 8, 2011


I JUST woke up from a dream, rather reluctantly, but once awake, want to put down what it was...

I remember sitting in a room on the floor, in bad holey clothes. I am in the shadows, back of the room, eyes downcast, as the others in the room talk about me, and my 'situation', no one wanting to say the word 'cancer'. I feel low and at the end...

And the room stills, and I feel that the attention of the room has shifted to me, so I raise my eyes. The person across from me in the room is the leader in the semi-circle of chairs, and with an upraised arm,  motions to my left, and a best friend is sitting in a chair, halfway between that semi-circle and myself.

My eyes smile, and within I feel hope in my weakness, as the corners of my mouth turn up.

I whisper, ' Yes. He will speak for me', knowing trust in the words that would be said would be in my best interest.

He stands. 'I will open with prayer.'

'And why do I pray?' He is speaking to the room, but looks at me.

'So that I may know, without a doubt, God's will for my life.'

Time passes, and this meeting is over. The other people have left, and I am alone with my friend and champion. He finds me in my spot on the floor and sits next to me. We two sit in silence until a hand reaches under my chin and raises my eyes. He speaks after a moment of just looking deep.

'Out of all the moments, these are my favorites'.

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