Sunday, January 9, 2011

Unpacking my bag of cats...

So I've got this thing that I've said is like 'carrying a bag of cats', which is becoming increasingly stressful to me, and a well-meaning person this week added another element into the mix. Today I sat down with it all, to try to figure things out, and as I unpacked my bag of cats, there were some old, deep-seated hurts that came up, and along the way, other emotions came, which irritated and frustrated me even more, because those were the same old thing; same old tune. My head was rationally trying to downplay it all as my heart cried out, until reset was done.

God, what a mess. I am completely incompetent,inadequate, and insecure. You know the situation. God, I give to You my bag of cats, and ask that You bless this mess.

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