Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sweats - a redemptive love story

So work is totally kicking my butt this week, already. First day, I feel like I've been beaten, and it wasn't even on my patients! The new nurse next to me had a hot mess, so I helped over there.

Now, I've always seen the benefit of a sweatshirt or hoodie - the warmth and softness of the fabric against the skin; preferably larger so it can be burrowed into. I have one from each college I've attended, and the mustardy hoodie from the ex is probably (sadly) one of the remaining highlights from that relationship... but sweatpants and I parted ways long ago. While of the same fabric, at the time they had that horrible elastic around the waist and each ankle, creating on my lower half an 'Ali Baba'/MC Hammer pant look that needed to fly away. I also viewed leaving the house in sweats (for any reason as a woman besides being a size 0 and going to work out) as an awful thing.

And then I met my Hanes black sweatpants. They were on sale, and just had light elastic on the waist, and actually had flared legs. I just returned from running an errand in those pants, and my CMSU hoodie. I was comfortable the whole time. Perhaps sweats in public don't mean that you aren't trying and that you've given up, but that you are no longer thinking about how others view you...

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