Sunday, September 19, 2010


I wonder if people @ church talk about me the way I've heard them talk about others....
(I don'tknow how I feel about that...)


God, as I strip the wallpaper off this wall, you've impressed upon me the need to pray for someone I don't even know. God, I don't know Your relationship with this woman, but please help her. Let her realize that the past cannot be changed, but now is the time for action. There are things more important in life, and help her to be pro-active in spending time and getting to know those around her, while they are still close at hand and able to be known. Open her eyes and help her to see and appreciate the gifts within reach. Help her relationships with people. My heart aches over this situation. People let others down - it's a constant that will happen, but let this woman be bold enough to suck it up and be able to step up to the plate, and if not, provide others that can do it in her stead.

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