Friday, September 17, 2010

40 mph

is my natural speed limit for driving and crying.

(And I'm really not this emo in person--this blog has just become a receptacle for such things)

Tonight was good, and nice, and awkward. I met new people and got to sorta be around people. It was a good setting. Maybe next time I'll talk more. It was a big enough group that I felt like I was having a naturally hard time talking and connecting, and I didn't know enough people to be comfortable yet, and they are all in the same life group, so they had that tie, and are all married. It was odd, because I'm almost positive I was the oldest one there, and yet we are at completely different parts of life. It was a good night, and I was thankful I got invited--just another learning/growing experience.

God, help me to get over myself and insecurities as they arise. I am Yours, and in Your image--help me to hold tight to that. Help me with my 'soft spot' as only You know how to do.

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